Minifaber launches M-LAB: an actual “forge” of ideas

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Minifaber has always had the goal to value its employees. And what better way to do that than through an in-house Academy that puts training at its core?

A place to learn, discuss, and face new challenges to stay up-to-date. This is the (ambitious) goal of M-LAB which aspires to become a forge of groundbreaking ideas and assert as an excellence sponsor on a national and international level.

The project stems from a question which is complex in its simplicity: why does Minifaber need to create an Academy? Can it really be useful for the implementation of the company's vision? 

The answer wasn’t obvious. Yet, M-LAB has become a reality. 

A place where, every day, we strive to build a future steeped in talent, passion and knowledge. A comprehensive path that focuses on people, their soft skills and their countless talents.

Minifaber launches M-LAB

On a practical level, M-LAB is ready to go. After careful deliberations involving Angela Melocchi, HR Manager, Giulia Cucco and a consultant from Mylia, an Adecco subsidiary specializing in personal and corporate training and development, the project has, at last, taken shape.

The inauguration of M-LAB was held on June 15th, 2023. A moment of sharing attended by the heads of the various clerical entities and heads of department, who were ready to listen attentively to the goals of the Academy.

Giulia Cucco explains how Minifaber, from January to June, spared no expense in launching this initiative. Indeed:

  • 2,500 hours have been delivered sono state erogate 2500 ore di formazione; 
  • 11,000 euros have been invested in work safety courses; 
  • 87,000 euros have been invested in technical cross-training.

The stars of the event were Angela Melocchi and Giulia Cucco, who explained the value of M-LAB and what it can bring not only to Minifaber employees, but to the company as a whole. In particular, Angela Melocchi focused on the concept of training, which "today, should not be seen only as a course, but as a side-by-side job and example”.


Minifaber launches M-LAB


During the morning, there has been a moment of gamification which involved the participants to the inauguration. Because M-LAB is not just training, is not only safety, but also playfulness and light-heartedness. We find once again the playfulness element thanks to the Think Bay partnership which succeeded in integrating the gamification aspect within the learning process promoted by the Academy. 

The inauguration concluded with a brunch that allowed the participants to talk, to know each other, discover each other in a fruitful exchange of ideas and unique experiences. 

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