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Minifaber has established itself as one of the most efficient laser cutting companies in manufacturing solutions for processing metals such as aluminum, stainless steel, ferrous materials and copper. In this article, find out more about all the laser cutting services we offer.

Laser cutting requires extreme precision and is essential for the success of a finished metal product. This is why laser cutting companies such as Minifaber need a fleet of state-of-the-art, technological machines.

So let's start at the beginning and look at the different types of laser cutting.

Minifaber's services as a laser cutting company

Thanks to its technological numerically controlled machinery, Minifaber offers three different laser cutting services:

CO2 laser cutting

Our company performs CO2 laser cutting on various types of metal, including thick sheets of alloy steel. This technology is based on a gaseous carbon dioxide compound that carries a photon beam generated in the laser source. Its main advantage is the excellent quality of the cut.

Fiber laser cutting

Not all laser cutting companies offer this type of laser; it is the most modern of all and can also be used on reflective metals, such as brass and copper.

When using a fiber laser, the laser beam is also generated by a laser source. Still, in this case, the photons are transported by a fiber optic to laser heads equipped with lenses that direct the laser beam into a focal point. The focal point is where the maximum concentration of energy is generated, which is used to cut the sheet metal.

Fiber laser cutting has several advantages because:

  • It is also effective on reflective metals
  • It has a higher cutting speed 
  • It can also be used for welding
  • It is generally suitable for cutting deep-drawn and hydroformed parts and non-flat parts

Focus on customer needs

Minifaber is a laser cutting and metalworking company that pays particular attention to the customer and his or her needs. This is why all precision laser cuts are first conceived at the design stage, when the Technical Department develops the project together with the customer; then, the sheet metal is actually cut using technologically advanced machinery.


To learn more about our machine fleet and how we work as a laser cutting company, contact us! Contact us!

What machines do laser cutting companies need?

Laser cutting companies absolutely must have at their disposal a technological and state-of-the-art fleet of machines that includes punching machines combined with laser cutting deburring and laser marking.

Punching machines for laser cutting companies

The punching machine is an absolute must for all laser cutting companies. This machine is used for various metal processing operations using specific molds. 

punching machine

Laser cutting companies can carry out a variety of tasks with the punching machine, including the punching of panels and other flat geometric shapes, precision holes but also edging, fins, which are the semi-transparent tabs for the ventilation of crankcases and panels, and small thread molders. 

Minifaber has many punching machines in its fleet, suitable for all kinds of specific processing: always up-to-date and carefully maintained, they guarantee maximum precision and quality.

Deburring machines for laser cutting companies

The deburring machine is another essential piece of equipment in any respectable laser cutting company.

deburring machine

While the punching machine cuts and shears the metal, the deburring machine removes the burrs, or excess metal residue, left on the edges of the punches to ensure that the final product has a perfect appearance.

The laser marking machine

Finally, to complete the fleet of machines, Minifaber also has a laser marking machine for engraving, drawing and decorating metal. 

The excellence of Minifaber's fleet of machines

In addition to these two, Minifaber has a rich and varied fleet of machines, on which it invests an annual budget of 2.5 million euro. This is a major investment that attests to Minifaber's focus on technological excellence and the training of its workforce.

Not surprisingly, Minifaber has become one of the most efficient laser cutting companies in terms of production solutions, thanks to constant development and years of experience in the sector.

To learn more about our machine fleet and how we work as a laser cutting company, contact us! Contact us!
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