MIG Metal welding: 5 tips to make a perfect job

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MIG welding: 5 tips for perfect results

Today I’ll give you some really interesting tips, quite easy to put on practice, that will help you to obtain a perfect metal welding. So, let’s go with the first suggestion:


1. Be tidy

First of all, make sure you’ve cleaned up your work surface from any impurities and grubby’s wastes (grease and rust for example). The more your work area will be clean and tidy, the better will be your metal welding. How to clean up a metal surface before welding? Depending on the materials, exist different ways for removing impurities: for example, you could use solvents for oils, you can brush your metal in order to remove difficult fouling or use abrasive sheet to cancel rust’s traces.


2. Check up the gas 

In MIG metal welding, the weld pools’ protection is ensured by a cover gas that forbid the contact of the weld pool with the atmosphere avoiding the oxidation and guarantying the weld’s success. This is the reason why the gas plays a so important role in the metal welding process. So, before you start, check the quantity of gas you have compared to the gas amount you need for welding  your entire surface.


3. Learn to listen 

You must learn to listen and understand the sounds that come out during metal welding; like a good driver does with its car. Usually the sound that should come out from the arc when you’re welding is very similar to the electrical crackles. If you hear a rasping or popping noise, stop promptly and control the welding machine setting.


4. Choose the right wire

Depending from the metal surface you’re welding on, there’re many suggested wire size in order to obtain a perfect metal welding result. Forget the commonplace that often persuade welders to choose the biggest wire because this not always true. If you’re working on a thin metal surface, you probably need a smaller wire: it will help you to maintain a lower temperature – compared to a bigger wire size - and to obtain a meticulous and finest result.    


5. Be safe

Underestimate the risks coming from metal welding processes is very usual but, at the same time, also dangerous; instead, working in the completely quiet allow you to be concentrated on what are you doing. So I always suggest to use all required equipment for personal safety (helmet, mask, work boots, leather welding gloves and a protective overall. Also, takes you away all flammable objects and ensured to use only certified and operating machineries.


Always remember: dressing properly and respect rules can save you.

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