Low cost sheet metal stamping: from Italy to Romania with Minifaber

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Low cost sheet metal stamping: from Italy to Romania with Minifaber Salv

Delocalization is an essential requirement to sustain the economic competition in the sheet metal stamping field… But only when the excellence remains the one made in Italy.

Sheet metal stamping, when is it advantageous to relocate abroad?

The general standards that define the delocalization of sheet metal stamping production in the low cost countries are:


  1. The incidence of labor costs in the manufacturing process.
  2. The technical complexity of the sheet metal stamping operations.
  3. The proximity of the customers and the markets to Romania.


For example, when the manufacturing of sheet metal stamping doesn't require an high level of technical difficulty and the customer needs a mass production of items, it is cheaper to relocate the production where the manufacturing costs are lower.

Of course, the delocalization takes place only if the costs of transport and logistics are reasonable.

When conditions comply with all the above points, the relocation of sheet metal stamping becomes very affordable.

These are the reasons why Minifaber has decided to develop an own manufacturing site in Romania.

It’s a strategy with a double aim: the expansion into new foreign markets along with the ability to offer a low cost sheet metal stamping, maintaining the top quality signed by Minifaber.

In Romania, Minifaber uses the same machineries, the same technologies and the same materials used in Seriate (Bergamo) plant. 

In case of new product or prototype, the feasibility study and design of the sheet metal stamping take place in our Italian offices, and in a second step, when the process is completed and completely controlled, they‘re moved to Romania for the low cost production.

Which are the advantages of the Italian design & engineering and the succeeding delocalization of the sheet metal stamping? 

  1. Italian engineering skills
  2. 50 years’ experience of Minifaber team.
  3. Affordable prices when the combination is: high incidence of labor and low complexity.

The Minifaber’s Romanian plant, operating from 2010, counts about 5,000 square meters, where there’re 30 people each of which is specialized in a specific operation of sheet metal stamping. 

The Romanian factory is certified 9001.

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