Laser sheet metal cutting: the technology by Trumpf enhances quality and reduces production times

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Laser sheet metal cutting should be carried out with the highest precision to grant high quality standards; it also should be done in short times, to optimize the whole production. Thanks to its technology, the new TruLaser Cell Series 7.000 by Trumpf can pair both these needs.

The most prominent quality of the new TruLaser Cell Series 7.000 is the high-end technology that offers a clean and fast laser cutting service, enhancing the results of the entire production process. That is the reason why Minifaber, always committed in optimizing times, costs and processing quality, decided to add it to its machinery.

In this article we are going to discover all the advantages granted by the use of this cutting-edge machine.

It offers a laser cutting service at the speed of 40 m/min

Thanks to the new high-speed technology, the new TruLaser Cell Series 7.000 is capable of carrying out a laser sheet metal cutting up to the speed of 40 m/min. In addition, with the FastLine Cell function it can reduce the passive times of loading/unloading, speeding up not only the processing, but also the machine setting times.

It is equipped with intelligent optical systems and automatic adjustment of the focal point

The quality of laser cutting carried out with technological 3D solutions, can also be found in the optical systems and in the adjustment of the focal point. The TruLaser Cell Series 7.000 is equipped with an intelligent optical systems that, thanks to a magnetic coupling, avoids collisions and ensures that the machine would always been set in the right viewpoint. In addition, thanks to the automatic adjustment of the focal point, the laser works in a steady and calibrated way over the whole working area, minimizing the chance of error.

It combines laser cutting and laser metal welding in a single machine

Besides granting a clean and precise laser cutting service, the TruLaser Cell Series 7.000 can also perform high-quality laser metal welding, thanks to the innovative WeldLine system that grants a simple and effective laser welding.

The switch from aluminium laser cutting to laser welding only needs few seconds, in order to properly set the machine. This ensures the highest level of productivity, an unseen flexibility and the reduction of processing costs.

Its maintenance costs are low

The new TruLaser Cell Series 7.000 was designed to be efficient from any point of view, including the costs of its maintenance. Through solutions such as the centralised lubrication, in fact, the working and maintenance costs of the laser sheet metal cutting are drastically reduced, avoiding unnecessary lubrication cycles that require time and money and affect the final price of the processed components.

It makes possible to divide the working area in two separate stations

The TruLaser Cell Series 7.000 offers the possibility to divide the working area with a partition, in order to perform two laser sheet metal cuttings – on two different areas  - working on separate surfaces with a size of 2x1,5m² each, optimizing the production times.

Practically, while the machine is performing the laser cutting, on the other side the operator can unload the finished product and load the piece yet to be laser welded or laser cut.


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