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There are many advantages of steel laser cutting, such as the best cutting quality and high precision. But that's not all: in this article we will explain why steel laser cutting is a convenient process and all the details of our service.

Steel laser cutting requires specific technologies and constantly updated machinery in order to guarantee cutting precision - even stainless steel - and speed of execution. You can find all this in Minifaber, together with the guarantee of receiving steel products that are 100% customized to your needs.


Our steel laser cutting service

We laser cut all the most common metals at Minifaber, including steel.

Our laser cutting service for stainless steel and ferrous materials is very flexible because:

  • we make semi-finished pieces
  • we produce finished and assembled products
  • we process small and large quantities, even staggered in progressive steps

Furthermore, steel laser cutting can be a completed process, in its own right, or be part of a more complex process (cutting, folding, etc.).

For laser cutting, Minifaber has:

  • two 2D laser cutting machines equipped with CO2 laser source
  • a 3D laser system equipped with Fiber laser.

Minifaber can provide both oxygen and nitrogen laser cutting, choosing the most suitable gas based on the speed, the quality of the cut, the thickness and the type of material to be cut.


Depending on your needs, our team of designers will be able to offer you the most suitable solution. Contact us


Laser cutting stainless steel and ferrous materials: power, precision, speed

At Minifaber, numerically controlled machines that have the laser head combined with the punching machine are used for both iron laser cutting and stainless steel laser cutting.

In this way you benefit from both the advantages provided by the punching machine, speed and precision, and those of the laser cutting itself, i.e. cutting flexibility suitable for curvilinear profiles and the same speed of execution.

Laser cutting stainless steel and ferrous materials using these machines allows to obtain pieces from 49x98.5 inch sheet metal using a laser power of 3.2 Kw.

The cuts are clean and precise, just as required by the sectors that trade high quality products: electromechanical, medical, lighting and household appliances.


To learn more about Minifaber laser cutting, read about our experience with Trumpf systems.


What are the advantages of stainless steel and steel laser cutting?

The benefits that laser cutting brings to the final result of stainless steel and steel processing generally concern the quality of the product obtained, its completeness, process versatility, repeatability and environmental impact.

Here’s a closer look:

#1 Quality

The quality of the cut is better because there is no contact between the machine and the steel sheet. As a result, the cuts are clean, sharp, without burrs and the edges are perfectly even.

#2 Precision

Since the laser has a very small diameter, the precision is high. In fact, by concentrating its power on a very small area, the laser is one of the most effective steel cutting technologies. The precision of the CNC controlled Minifaber machines guarantees of accuracy and reliability.

#3 Speed

The speed of laser cutting is the strong point of this technology, the value depends on the thickness of the material to be cut. The use of nitrogen as a gas ensures speed and quality of the cut.

# 4 Finiteness

The laser cutting stainless steel and steel does not require further finishing treatments of the piece, because the result is already excellent.

#5 Versatility

Laser cutting is not only applied to steel or ferrous materials: the range of metals that can be laser cut also includes aluminum and alloys with CO2 and copper and brass with the Fiber laser.

#6 Sustainability

The steel laser cutting process is also advantageous from the environmental sustainability standpoint because it does not release slag or other waste materials.


Whether you need a small sample or mass-produced steel products, Minifaber meets your needs. Contact us
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