How to create custom metal molds

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Thanks to its experience and technical expertise, Minifaber is capable of producing custom metal molds either from scratch or using an existing design.

One of Minifaber’s strengths lies in the fact that it makes the customer’s needs the starting point for each project. Minifaber’s flexibility and the expertise of its Technical Office allow the company to meet each individual customer’s requirements with an extremely high level of customization.

In particular, Minifaber specializes in the production of custom metal molds for manufacturing finished and semi-finished parts.

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Custom metal mold design

When a customer submits a project request, the Minifaber technical staff sits down with them to determine the ideal production solution for creating the requested product. The customer and the technical department work together, making all the necessary optimizations, to come up with the design that will best meet the customer’s needs.

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For the design of its custom metal molds, Minifaber complies with all the international UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 directives, guaranteeing its customers maximum production flexibility.

It also boasts a large team of well-trained and dedicated operators, as well as an advanced fleet of high-tech machinery, which is constantly being upgraded and expanded.

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Custom metal mold production

In particular, Minifaber specializes in the production of the following types of custom metal molds:

  • deep drawing molds, which allow for the creation of hollow metal parts of a box-like or cylindrical shape;
  • shooting molds, used to produce parts in small quantities;
  • progressive molds, ideal for producing parts in large quantities and at a fast face, for considerable savings in terms of production times and costs;
  • block molds, ideal for carrying out various types of processes, such as shearing, drilling, bending and deep drawing, without recovery, or rather with a simultaneous action;
  • transfer molds, ideal for shearing and deforming sheet metal, with integrated external systems being used to transfer the part along the various steps of the mold itself.

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All of Minifaber's custom metal molds are made internally, with the aim of minimizing production times and costs, thereby ensuring maximum production efficiency.

In order to guarantee maximum quality, Minifaber has regulated all of its activities with high levels of computerization. The advanced operating systems constantly communicate with the machines, resulting in a unified digital and interconnected environment.

Minifaber is therefore fully-prepared to meet every customer requirement, and to guarantee high quality results that remain true to the original design, regardless of the mold’s complexity.

Want to find out how to create custom metal molds? Contact us for a personalized quote. Contact us!
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