How to choose a sheet metal laser cutting machine

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How to choose a sheet metal laser cutting machine

Initially used in manufacturing sector but now spread everywhere, laser cutting is one of the most common processes used in sheet metal works. So let’s go to know it more closely.

In addition to years of experience and the gained know-how, there’s a combination of very important factors that allows to obtain a better finished sheet metal laser cutting and finished products.

One for all is the choice of the right laser cutting machine. So let’s start from the beginning and see together:


A. How does a laser cutting machine work

In sheet metal works field, a high level laser cutting machine can improve and define the good result of your job. The reason for this is the presence of a laser source from which depends the metal parts cutting. Laser, in fact, is the acronym of  Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation; the laser cutting machine takes advantage of this intense light by focusing it on a sheet metal and by obtaining the cutting.

The metal laser cutting process basically works by burning the sheet or piece you are working on, while a gas remove the heated material by producing the cut.

B. Which are the main characteristics of a good sheet metal laser cutting machine?

1. Maximum precision: especially for the cutting of objects that require accuracy;

2. Speed: if you want guarantee yourself a professional machine it must be faster than a traditional cut line; 

3. The laser cutting must not cause, through heat, any distortion of materials;

4. It must leave a clean border;

5. It’s able to cut infinite shapes and sizes;

6. It’s well projected; for example the optical system should be protected avoiding exposure;

7. The sheet laser cutting machine should be equipped with a cooling system able to guarantee reliability even when you have to work for many hours continuously.

C. Why is metal laser cutting so popular?

Laser cutting is a very common technique in metal field because, compared to many other sheet metal works (punching for example) guarantees a series of very important advantages in order to obtain an excellent finished product. The main reasons that have allowed it to become so popular are: the very high precision achievable during cutting process; the repeatability of the same results for a large number of pieces; the wide range of sheet metal that can be processed; the speed of the process, the more cleaned job (edges and surfaces are non smudged). 


Remember: when you’re choosing a metal laser cutting machine don’t think about saving moneys because, during the years, a good machine allow you not to waste money in repair operations and spare parts replacement and to build a solid reputation among your customers thanks to the perfect quality of work you’ve done!


For today, that’s all.

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