Custom metal stamping: 5 reasons why to choose Minifaber

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Custom metal stamping: 5 reasons why choose Minifaber

You need a partner in custom metal stamping field? This article show you the main reasons why any business man should think about Minifaber.

You need a partner in custom metal stamping field? This article show you the main reasons why any business man should think about Minifaber.

1) An Italian custom metal stamping company, strategically positioned

Minifaber is a custom metal stamping company located in a strategic area of north Italia.

Just 30 minutes from the Orio al Serio airport and served by a really reliable infrastructural network of roads, Minifber is really easy to reach, for a meeting between customer and supplier, and for the consignment of products.

Furthermore, as all the Italian companies, Minifaber can count on a well-established system of logistics platforms and international ports.

The strategic position of this custom metal stampings company lets to decrease the shipping costs.

As a matter of fact, Italy is the key thoroughfare that connects central, northern and southern Europe. This link is through air, sea and land. Through its positioning, Italy acts as a gateway that provides faster access to million customers from all over the European Union, Middle East and Northern Africa.

2) In Minifaber there’s an important group of highly qualified human resources specialized in custom metal stampings’ field.

According to Minifaber's internal politics, the custom metal stamping company enriches, year by year, its qualified human resource value. Skilled engineers and technician workers work together, by designing and manufacturing the most impeccable metal finished and semi finished products. For this reason the custom metal stampings company is highly committed to invest in training.

3) High levels of technologies and machineries

Minifaber invests in research and innovation. These are the main drivers of this excellent custom metal stamping company. It’s appreciated for the excellence of its machinery fleet, constantly updated to ensure the best production performance and quality possible. When a customer visit Minifaber, remains amazed by the high level of innovation of the machines that meets.

4) Deep competences and long-term cooperations with the most prestigious industrial groups

Minifaber has collected a deep competence in custom metal stamping field by working in a wide range of industrial sectors. It’s became a privileged supplier of prestigious industrial groups operating in the electromechanical, electrical, household appliance, electro-medical, lighting and construction sectors. 

This allows her to bring the acquired skills in a particular area where these do not exist.

5) From the design to the finished product

Minifaber has the machinery, processes and skills to carry out internally the whole supply chain. From design to the feasibility studies, through prototyping and production in small and large series. This, for customers, means: one supplier that optimizes time, cost and quality of the products produced. It provides full support (from design & engineering to delivery of the finished product) for all aspects related to the sheet metal working.

Are you looking for the perfect partner in custom metal stamping field? Minifaber is the answer.

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