A look on sheet metal bending machines

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A look on sheet metal bending machines

Innovative, CNC, easy to use and able to fit to every metal bending need. Here some of the most important characteristic of sheet metal bending machine.

A banding machine is used to bend metals transforming them from a flat sheet metal to a bent one.

Thanks to particular tools that are involved during the linear or rotating moves, in fact, you can tilt a great variety metals: from stainless steel to aluminum, copper and others.

The newest machines for metal bending are CNC ones, really appreciated for their flexibility and simplicity. You can set a bending metal machine in few minutes thanks to the software which is used to program this kind of plants. 

Moreover, they’re able to bend a bigger quantity or a single piece obtaining the same level of precision. With the CNC metals bending machines, in fact, you can bend the sheet metal without breaking it and, most of all, you can realize great quantities or just a single piece guaranteeing the same results.

According to the type of bending you want obtain and to the molds available you can realize a different variety of bends: for example the standard metal bending, the U-bending or the rotary bending.

To the first category belong the major part of bends. In this case, in fact, we have a machine equipped with tools which are able to realize the most common bends; shapes without complicated geometry. A common type of bend could be a standard V, acute, or flange.

The U-bending of metals instead is useful when the aim is to achieve a curved surface in order to obtain very narrow curves or concave shapes. 

With the rotary bending, the metal bending machine is able to curve a flat metal surface thanks to the use of a cylinder (a rotary die). We’ve a flat surface placed on a die and the rotary disk which works applying pressure and bending the metal part until it reaches the shape of the mold toward which it’s been pushed.  

What changes in the metal bending machines are tools. In fact, the CNC plants are often the same: realized with an exchange system of tools  and a customized structure, you just need to equip them with the right components to realize the metal bending you’re looking for.  

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