7 strange stuff created by metal welding

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7 strange stuff created by metal welding

Metal welding means not only create components and parts for the industry. With a dose of creativity and good manual skills, it can create really unusual and beautiful design pieces.

When we think about metal welding works, we immediately imagine the welding of plants, auto bodies and we think about a series of other works like these. It’s not always true.

Metal welding is the process that let you to merge together two or more metal parts in order to obtain a unique piece; unique piece, this is the inspiration.

Through welding you can realize exclusive interesting ornaments and inedited design pieces.

Just like the stuff I’m going to show you in this article.


1. The metal owl


If you’re looking for something special to enrich your garden, take a look to this metal welding creation. This unusual owl, designed by Cindy Costa, is entirely made in beaten metals and is the result of a very meticulous work. Really interesting is all the top area where metal eyes, beak and ears are merged together creating a very suggestive face. Very nice are also the thin and funny legs. Congratulations Cindy, this is a perfect gift for animals’ lovers!


2. The metal flower 


Feel you inspired by Eastern culture? Do you like Japanese signs? This is the object that’s right for you.The metal welding creation in the picture is a colorful flowers bouquet, entirely made with metals, that can give an exotic touch and a modern style to your house or work place.You don’t need to take care of it (like with a real plant would required) and, at the same time, with these curious and colorful flowers welded on very long stalks, you ensure to your guests a very surprising effect.


3. The metal window grate


One of the main reason that discourage people to put grates on their window is the really unaesthetic effect that these kind of safety equipment gives. Fortunately, thanks to the potential of metal welding and thanks to a pinch of creativity this problem has been solved. It’s always easier to find original metal gates assembled on the windows and balconies of our cities. They’re realized with very strange shapes just like you can see in the picture above; grates which are able to protect against intruders and bring a touch of design to your own home. 


4.  The metal stairs


Without going very far and staying closed to the “house’s beauty” concept, I’d like to show you how incredible can become a traditional furnishing when welding and metals entry into the scene. The stair showed in the pictures is just an example of what a good welder can make working with metal arcs, metal flowers and metal beaten components.


5. The metal gate


If you’re lucky and live in a single house you can use imagination to make your home unique. Just like the incredible gate showed in the picture above. The man who realized this unusual gate will surely a farmer  or a country lover. He welded together all his agricultural stuffs (fork, paddle, saw…) and the result is an inedited and really appreciable artistic piece. You don’t like it? You can put a personal touch using flowers, geometric shapes or abstract design. 


6. Metal Jewelry


Metal welding can make you beautiful. The market for metal jewelry is taking hold. You see more and more artisans who exhibit their unique pieces during trade shows and more and more women choose to wear them. Thanks to the fusion of different types of metals and to the manual skills of the craftsmen who work them it can realize real masterpieces: just like the bracelet you see above.


7. Metal sculpture


Whatever is your job, employee, musician, hairdresser or any other, there is a metal statue for you too. Through the use of bolts, screws, metal plates welded together, handcraft man can realize your metallic alter ego. A funny miniature to exhibit on the desk of your office or in your living room. A great gift idea definitely curious and amusing.


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