Co-design and development: the plus of Minfaber's sheet metal stamping


Feasibility Study and creation of technical drawings

The know-how developed over the years, as well as the long experience earned in sheet metal stamping, let Minifaber create its own team of specialists and engineers capable of designing the sheet metal products requested by the customer, carefully assessing any aspect of the production. Just starting from an idea, in fact, Minifaber personally carries out the feasibility study, analyses the most suitable materials for the requested performances, evaluates the best processing as far as costs, times and quality are concerned, and creates technical sketches ready to be sent to production.

Design and creation of moulds

To further optimize the production process, Minifaber is equipped to internally design and create sheet metal moulds. Therefore, it can speed up each single step of the production, modify the moulds during the creation of the prototype – optimizing times and costs -, but, even better, be always present throughout all the steps of the development of the components, analyzing and evaluating every single variable and always offering the best sheet metal stamping for the requested performance and needs.

Creation of the prototype and mass production

Besides the development of technical sketches and moulds, Minifaber also takes care of the creation of the prototypes. Thanks to its know-how in the field of cold sheet metal stamping, and to the technologies available in its factory, Minifaber can promptly intervene improving parameters and size before starting the mass production, creating operational prototypes that the customer can test, gaining this way a considerable saving of times and costs.

This is the reason why every day Italian and international customers contact Minifaber to design sheet metal components, sure to dialogue with a single reality, competent and specialised in the creation of products for the most various industrial fields.

Contact Minifaber and entrust yourself to the competence of its technical office, to shape your ideas and create sheet metal components with a high added value.