Sheet metal deep-drawing

Minifaber deep-draws metals: from stainless steel deep-drawing to aluminium, iron, copper deep-drawing including brass and special alloys.

Minifaber, expert in sheet metal cold forming, has extensive know-how in the metal deep-drawing field.

The company performs stainless steel, aluminium, iron, copper, brass and special alloy deep-drawing processes with extreme precision and reliability granting metal box, cylinder or cup shapes.

A cold forming procedure that creates metallic components such as cylinders, hemispheric caps or finished products such as pots or other types of containers.

Specifically, Minifaber deep-draws metals in moulds manufactured in-house. This not only provides excellent results in terms of drawn part precision and quality, but can satisfy any special customer request since supported by a personalised mould design and construction service.

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Minifaber deep-draws metal for the following industries:

  • Electromechanics
  • Vending
  • Kitchen robots
  • Medical
  • Gas distribution
  • Professional lighting
  • Home appliances
Minifaber, 50 years of cold forming process know-how on small and large quantities of metal. Contact use for an estimate and feasibility study.
  • Sheet metal deep-drawing machinery

    Hydraulic presses
    Quantity: 8

    Technical characteristics

    • From 20 to 400 tonnes
    • Flat dimensions up to 1600 mm
    • Transfer use potential
    • In line bath potential


    On board machine baths
    Quantity: 3

    Technical characteristics

    • Alkaline baths
    • Acid baths for stainless steel parts
    • Ultrasound baths
Do you want to create a complex and assembled end product?

Minifaber has evolved to become the only company able to design and manufacture the complex, assembled end products no one else can.

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