Metal working

Minifaber cold processes both large and small quantities of metal. Skill, passion and continuous technical updates allow it to work with the best companies in the professional lighting, electromechanics, home appliance, medical, logistics and equipment industries.
  • Moulds

    Bolstered by its extensive experience in the cold forming field, Minifaber designs and manufactures moulds intended to cold form metallic alloys in-house.

    Due to the expert Engineering Department and updated machinery, the company can custom design the mould to meet specific requests.

    When a customer submits its request, the engineering-design staff sit around a table and listen to the demands, un... Find out more
  • Processing tool design and construction

    Minifaber designs and constructs welding and assembly tools in-house.

    The Engineering department boasts extensive know-how to create specific tools that meet technical part requirements, even complex.

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  • Metal blanking

    Metal blanking is a process that requires experience and precision.

    Blanking is a process that can be performed on any type of sheet metal where, due to punches and dies, metals are to be separated.

    Minifaber, specialised in sheet metal cold forming, has the know-how, technologies and flexibility that has always distinguished it to complete maximum precision blanking processes: from iron blanking ... Find out more
  • Sheet metal deep-drawing

    Minifaber, expert in sheet metal cold forming, has extensive know-how in the metal deep-drawing field.

    The company performs stainless steel, aluminium, iron, copper, brass and special alloy deep-drawing processes with extreme precision and reliability granting metal box, cylinder or cup shapes.

    A cold forming procedure that creates metallic compon... Find out more
  • Sheet metal bending

    Minifaber, leader in metal working, has extensive experience in the sheet metal bending field.

    A metal cold forming process that occurs through the pressure exerted by the mould and used to obtain certain shapes.

    Along with the blanking and forming processes, metal bending is used on metallic surfaces to obtain semi-finished products.

    A metal working process that can be ... Find out more
  • Sheet metal punching

    Sheet metal is punched by numerically controlled automatic machines that use standard or special shaped punches and dies according to the final design to be achieved.

    Minifaber is organised to meet any metal punching request, whether simple or complex.

    In fact, it has constantly updated machinery and highly specialised skills to punch a wide range of metals such as iron Find out more
  • Sheet metal laser cutting

    Sheet metal laser cutting, now performed with the help of numerically controlled machinery, is a fundamental process in creating a metal object and in the success of the finished product.

    At Minifaber, precision laser cuts are completed as conceived in the design phase.

    The metal working leader's carpentry department is organised and has the technologies to perform any kind of sheet metal ... Find out more
  • Metal welding

    The know-how acquired over the years and continuously updated and multifunctional machinery allow Minifaber to weld metals according to the customer's specifications.

    In particular, Minifaber performs MIG welding, TIG welding, resistance welding, projection welding, robotic MIG and TIG welding and laser welding on various metallic and aluminium alloy surfaces as well as on stainless steel and iron.

    MIG wel... Find out more
  • Metal surface treatments

    Minifaber employs suppliers who have extensive know-how in the metal surface treatment field.

    The purpose of these metal treatments is to grant the product an excellent finish that, not only provides aesthetic value, but increases its durability, eliminating harmful oxidation processes.

    Specifically, Minifaber can provide the surfaces treatments listed below on aluminium, ... Find out more
  • Metal component assembly

    Assembled and finished part manufacturing is another demonstration of Minifaber's ability to listen to customers and meet their production needs.

    Customers who seek a professional and expert partner for tested and certified assemblies, sub.groups and finished products find Minifaber to be a unique supplier able to truly meet their needs, even the most complex.

    Minifaber's specialised personnel actively work with t... Find out more
  • Sheet metal fabrication

    Since its foundation, Minifaber has been a business specialized in sheet metal fabrication. Thanks to its fifty-year experience, today Minifaber leads the market as one of the most reliable players as far as all the sheet metal fabrication processes are concerned.

    Expertise, customization and passion are some of the keywords that describe Minifaber’s activi... Find out more
  • Cold metal stamping

    Minifaber has been carrying out the process of cold sheet metal stamping and sheet metal working for over fifty years, always committing with high professionalism in meeting the specific needs of any customer. Who chooses Minifaber finds a complex and competent reality that always grants the highest level of customization to ... Find out more
  • Sheet metal stamping

    Thanks to a team of technicians specialized in the design and creation of moulds, Minifaber can provide in-house all the processes of sheet metal stamping, granting a high standard of professionalism and flexibility in meeting all the needs of the customer.

    Customization is indeed the prominent quality of Minifaber’s sheet metal stamping: relying on its technical and design... Find out more