The secrets of highly thick sheet bending

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Piegatura lamiere grosso spessore

How is highly thick sheet metal bent? What are the most efficient procedures? The Minifaber team, specialists in metal cold working, answers.

Knowing the thickness of a sheet is key to accurately calculating the force to be applied to process it; in this case, we are dealing with highly thick sheets (medium-heavy carpentry elements intended for various industrial sectors - naval, energy, construction) that must be bent and thus the sheets require a higher bending strength than common sheets.

But sheet thickness is not the only parameter to be considered.


Highly thick sheet ending: the parameters to be considered

In addition to the "thickness" parameter, other parameters such as, first of all, the material (steel? aluminum? iron? copper?), sheet length, the bending angle to be obtained and even the type of bend (air bend? coining? total or partial pressing?), must be considered.

The following can be calculated once all these variables are known:

  • tonnage, meaning the required bending strength
  • internal bend radius
  • cavity
  • minimum required edge.

Only when all the data required for impeccable highly thick sheet bending are identified can the work phase begin.


Minifaber, professional sheet bending services for small and large quantities. Contact us to learn more! Contact us!


The bending press

The machines used are called bending presses: a bending press is equipped with 2 guides that correctly position the sheet. Then, straight and parallel bends are pressed on the parts.

Modern bending press versions are controlled via computer: these are CNC numeric controlled bending presses. At Minifaber, for example, we have a wide and updated machine fleet made up of:

  • 7 bending presses
  • 1 robotic bending cell, ideal for highly thick sheets.


highly thick sheet bending


Bending highly thick sheets with Minifaber

Due to our machine fleet but, above all, the ability and experience of our teams, Minifaber can offer flexible and prompt highly thick sheet bending services.

You can request different types of metallic surface bends: aluminum, stainless steel, iron and copper. Our designers study the best solution for each material and our technicians accurately and promptly complete the design.

Flexibility is another one of its pluses: you can request both small batches and large quantities; you can choose to have your finished product delivered in a single shipment or stagger production over time. You can order a semi-finished product or a finished and assembled product.


highly thick metal bending


Minifaber, professional sheet bending services for small and large quantities. Contact us to learn more! Contact us!
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