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Copper bending? Here's a look at Minifabe...

Minifaber has specialized in cold metalworking since 1960 and offers numerous services to customers all over the world such as copper punching and bending. Find out how it happens, what we offer and the technological machinery we use in this article.

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Sheet bending: perfect parts on the first...

Sheet metal bending is a complex process because it can cause unwanted deformation, return to the original shape or even breakage from the plate. Here are the factors to consider and how to choose the most suitable bending technique.

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Laser cutting and bending: how do they af...

In the sheet metal cold moulding industry, each process affects the next and, to achieve excellent results in terms of quality and precision, each production process phase must be professionally completed. Cutting and bending, specifically, are closely correlated processes which, to result in high performance products, must be carefully performed. This is how Minifaber was able to reduce its margin of error and optimise production schedules.

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