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Minifaber, thanks to its expertise and wide range of machines, deals with steel metal stamping and the production of stainless steel molds. Let’s see how this type of processing works and what solutions our company adapts to meet the needs of each industry.

Steel is one of the most demanding materials to work with because of its hardness. This principle also applies to the stamping of steel sheets. Designing a blanking and bending mold for steel and stainless steel requires advanced know-how on the behavior of this material and state-of-the-art machinery. Minifaber can realize the stamping of steel sheets. 

In this article we will deepen:


Characteristics of the steel sheet

As we have seen, steel is one of the most difficult materials to process. Steel sheets offer high resistance to oxidation and corrosive deterioration. Consequently, they are suitable for use in humid environments or the presence of freshwater, or where they have to withstand the action of corrosive agents. On the other hand, they are difficult to deform and print.

Among the different types of steel, stainless steel has some extra features thanks to the presence of chromium, an element able to cover the sheet with a thin layer and protect the metal or the underlying alloy from the stresses of external chemicals and oxygen, with an anti-rust effect.

Stainless steel sheets, therefore, find a wide application in the food and chemical industry, laundry services, and many other sectors.

Cold steel metal stamping: the process

Cold metal stamping is a process that in Minifaber is carried out entirely in the company, in all stages: from the design of the customized mold, specific for the required process, up to the stamping of the sheet, by the production of the semi-finished product or the finished product. 

Steel metal stamping

There are many types of processing we can propose, thanks to the large fleet of machines available. 

Today we realize:

  • Molds for deep drawing and blanking;
  • Progressive molds;
  • Molds in block form;
  • Transfer molds, through which Minifaber has diversified and exponentially refined the metalworking process.

Steel metal stamping is required in several industries, including electromechanical, medical, vending, home appliance and robotics, professional lighting, and gas distribution. 


Minifaber deals with steel sheet metal stamping and mold design. Contact us for a quote without obligation


The Minifaber team and fleet for steel metal stamping

If Minifaber can guarantee optimal results of the highest quality to its customers in the molding of steel sheets, it is thanks to a highly qualified team and cutting-edge machinery. Minifaber has a Technical Office composed of experienced people with know-how that has always allowed the company to position itself among the highest level operators in the field of steel sheet processing.

The state-of-the-art machinery, continuously updated and enriched by significant investments, allows Minifaber to be at the top of innovation in steel sheet metal forming and all related processing processes.

steel metal stamp

Computerization in steel metal stamping processes

Minifaber also stands out for the high degree of computerization to complement all our activities, including the stamping of steel metal sheets. In addition to being indispensable in the mold design phase, computer systems integrate and dialogue with machinery thanks to advanced operating systems that control the stamping processes. This creates a single environment, totally digital, that unifies the design and implementation operations optimizing times, costs, and quality of steel metal stamping.

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The advantages of choosing Minifaber for steel metal stamping

In this article, we discovered what the qualities of the steel sheet are and how the mold is made, until the actual molding. The advantages of choosing Minifaber lie in the high specialization in this field and technologically advanced machinery, as well as in the important customers who already collaborate with us with satisfaction. 

Minifaber has more than 50 years of know-how in steel sheet metal stamping on small and large quantities. Contact us for a quote and a feasibility study
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