Minifaber: the new Vision

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Firma Vision 1

Yesterday... Today... Tomorrow... MINIFABER

Write a Vision means to determine the route to be taken, without forgotten who we were and who we are.

During the days we chose to dedicate to this important moment, we first turned toward the past, and we looked at what was Minifaber over the years, what were the values ​​that have made it go up here, the satisfactions and hardships.

It then came the turn of the present. In this time of transition, we wondered what Minifaber, what it represents for us and for those outside. Look at Minifaber today with serenity and detachment has allowed us to recognize how much there is of the past, of our origins, and how much new has arrived.

And finally the future: "What do we want? ... .Who we want to be? ... How do we want to be? ... What we take from the past and what we add new, we evolved.
We reworked the whole thing and we have written Our Vision, one that represents us.
And we decided to share it with all of our employees , who we asked to affix his signature as a sign of participation and willingness to set sail with us on this ship .

Angela Melocchi
author Angela Melocchi
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