Metal parts with multi technology

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Metal parts with multi technology

The metal parts with multi technology are used to make different products for the expanding market needs. So, find out what they are and what they do.

Historically, metal parts were used as is to create really basic semi finished components. A threated part of sheet metal, a deep-drawn metal component or bent were the result of a single metal working process.

Subsequently, with the recent past innovations, the most innovative sheet metal stamping companies have equipped to realize a new concept of metal parts, the metal parts with multi technology.

Metal parts with multi technology what are they?

The metal parts with multi technology are the result of a combination of processes: bending, threating, punching, welding, assembled etc. on the same sheet of metal. So, to realize a metal part with multi technology is required the combined use of different machineries.

There are various types of multi technology used with metal parts.

A special technology called multi-point forming is used for three dimensional sheet metal parts. This technology is used to form different part shapes of sheet metal.

Another multi technology for sheet metal parts is called multi head stretch forming with multiple adjustable grippers which can adjust displacement and rotation of metal with different die curvature in real time.

Another multi technology for metal parts is called the blank holder technology where the whole die can be separated into small punches that can be adjusted according to height.

Flexible stretch forming multi technology is based on the interaction of a multi point forming die and a discrete gripper forming machine.


Sheet hydro-forming is another technology that uses hydraulic fluid under very high pressure to transform sheet metal and tubes fitted to a specially designed die.

Another multi technology called incremental forming has been developed which uses no die to form three dimensional metal sheet parts with low cost tools.

Hot incremental forming multi technology has been developed to make hard deformed alloy sheets such as magnesium and titanium alloys.


Metal parts with multi technology, the advantages

The metal parts formed through this multi technology have advantages compared to normal metal parts:

Lower margins of error

Optimizing production times

More precision 

Greater level of quality

Excellent control of processes



Metal parts with multi technology, the application fields 

The application of sheet metal parts with multi technology is highly seen in the following sectors:

Transport sector: metal parts with multi technology are very useful in the transport sector like aircrafts and also vehicles. 

Metal parts with multi technology are used in electricity generation field, especially in transformers and other electric materials.

They are used in the manufacture of robotics, gas production field, home appliances, professional lighting, and many others.

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