At Minifaber, welfare is a moral commitment toward employees and stakeholders

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Minifaber welfare

People and their well-being are our top priority at Minifaber. Discover everything we do on a daily basis for our employees.

In Minifaber, the words "well-being" and "beauty" are understood as enhancing individuals, the work environment, and the territory. For us, running a business is not just about generating revenue and profits, but also about being aware of our social role towards both the internal community, our employees, and the external community, the stakeholders. Our company's vision guides our staff in their daily company activities: cold sheet metal processing and the design and construction of molds.

The value of people

Welfare primarily translates into support for employees through personal services and benefits. For example, we provide three professional figures - psychologist, physiotherapist, and nutritionist - free of charge to all employees, regardless of their contract type. We also offer ergonomics training courses tailored to the specific activities carried out in the company, along with advanced training programs related to their roles (university master's degrees, MBAs, professional courses - all covered by us).

"Mens sana in corpore sano" (a healthy mind in a healthy body) is our motto when it comes to our employees. In Minifaber, people represent our greatest asset. Human beings are naturally inclined to give when they receive, and in a company like ours, this cannot be solely tied to monetary compensation. It is crucial to be present and attentive to the needs of individuals, understanding what can make them feel better. It's important to recognize that the company's performance is dependent on its team, and the likelihood of achieving positive results increases when the team works vigorously in the same direction, alongside everyone else. Investing in services aimed at personal well-being creates value that may not be directly measurable but shows its results in the long run.

Additionally, we prioritize healthy eating habits by providing fresh fruit twice a week, popsicles during the summer, and filtered water dispensers that also contribute to environmental protection by eliminating the use of plastic.

Workplace flexibility and free tax consulting

Our welfare policies are also evident in the workplace flexibility granted to employees. Well before the pandemic, for over 15 years, we implemented smart working, initially to provide mothers with the opportunity to manage family commitments and unexpected events. We also offer flexible entry and exit hours for employees, the option to convert performance bonuses into welfare benefits with additional bonuses, aiming to encourage the use of the selected platform, which is rich in numerous services.

We also provide free tax support in filling out the Income and Asset Declaration form, income tax returns, and so on. Additionally, we have numerous agreements with various local services, and we offer discounted catering services for ordering lunch at work.

Our awards for the company welfare

All of this has resulted in numerous accolades in the field of welfare, including the "Welfare Champion" certificate, which signifies a rating of 5/5. We obtained this recognition just a few months ago following an assessment of the company using the Welfare Index Pmi. It's a significant achievement, although the most coveted award for Minifaber's management is the well-being of its employees.

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