5 - testata- Lamiera in acciaio e lamiera in alluminio per i prodotti complessi

Steel sheet metal and aluminium sheet metal for complex products

Different materials are often used in Minifaber finished products and assemblies according to their specific mechanical and physical properties so that the final result can provide customers, but especially end users, with top performance. This is the case of the Lighting projector made from both steel sheet metal and aluminium sheet metal to best exploit these two materials. This is what guided this technical choice.

Steel sheet metal stamping for the frame

The projector frame must be resistant. For this reason, it was produced by laser cutting and bending steel sheet metal, a mechanically more stable material able to better resist shock. Furthermore, surface finishes on this specific finished and assembled product also made it more resistant to the elements to permit both indoor and outdoor installation. 

Aluminium sheet metal stamping for the components

Internal components that permit correct Lighting projector operations were produced by aluminium sheet metal cold stamping. This is because aluminium is a lighter material and is use for internal components makes the entire projector easier to carry and install on even several metre high girders.

The use of steel and aluminium sheet metal created a high quality projector that was chosen to illuminate large spaces and important events including the London 2012 Olympics.

How to choose the best sheet metal for your products

The decision to use both steel and aluminium sheet metal to produce a Lighting projector was jointly made by both the customer's engineering department and Minifaber's engineering department. Thanks to its expertise in the sheet metal cold stamping  sector, Minifaber offers a co-design service when the pros and contras of each material are evaluated to choose the one that best suits the various applications. Additionally, choosing one material over another is also due to the stamping properties of each type of sheet metal to provide customers with sheet metal cold stamping that, with the same mechanical properties, best suit the industrialisation process while limiting production costs. 

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