Sheet metal working: with laser cutting, precision is granted

Sheet metal working is an ever developing process: thanks to new technologies and innovative machinery, in fact, it is possible to reach a level of precision that was unimaginable just few years ago. It is the case of steel sheet metal laser cutting, a type of working capable of granting precise and clean cuts, necessary to realize finished products with a high added value.


Sheet metal laser cutting: a manufacturing suitable for every industry

Through laser cutting, it is possible to reach successfully the size requested in the technical sketches, minimizing the margin of error and increasing the quality of the entire production. For this reason, sheet metal laser cutting – performed on iron, stainless steel or aluminum – can provide sheet metal working for every industry, from the electromechanics to the components for the vending sector, from the medical field to the professional lighting, up to kitchen robots and home appliances.


Cutting-edge machinery for a state-of-the-art laser cutting

Being a recent technology, steel and sheet metal laser cutting can grant excellent results when performed with innovative machines. To this purpose, Minifaber always invests in its machinery, supplying its activity with combined stamping machines capable of granting cutting precision, but also power and effectiveness with no equals.


A technical staff to study the feasibility of laser cutting

Besides the innovative machinery, Minifaber also relies on a technical office capable of studying, in each case, the features of the pieces to be worked on, their applications and the related technical needs. This way, when sheet metal working starts, the productive process can proceed fluently, accelerating times, minimizing costs, and realizing components with a high added value, in terms of both quality and precision.


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