Sheet metal working: from the project to the realization of finished complex products

With an experience of more than 50 years, not only Minifaber is a qualified supplier for metal working and cold metal stamping, but also is a proactive and competent company, capable of assisting the client in turning his ideas in actual projectsm and realize complex and assembled products ready for distribution.

Sheet metal working: the basis to start from

In its first years, Minifaber immediatly found a respectable place in the field of cold metal working, carrying out both the mould design for cold sheet metal stamping, and the processes of metal blanking, deep-drawing, bending and metal welding. Soon, the care for details over all the metal working process made it a reliable business, to which important National and International companies still refer for works under contract.

Know-how and proactivity as the keys for success

Besides the activity of cold sheet metal stamping, Minifaber also assists the client during the design stages, helping him in developing compex products with an high added value. The know-how developed in the metal working over years of experience and the constant investments both in machines and human resources, in fact, makes it able to analyze the feasibility of each project, assess its convenience, and optimize its process in order to realize the final product in the expected times, with reasonable costs, but, over all, with high quality standards.

The finished and assembled products: the true Minifaber added value

Expertise, proactivity, research and innovation have been able to make Minifaber become a unique company that, besides carrying out sheet metal stamping under contract, it is able to realize complex finished and assembled products directly in its headquarter, taking care of the projects, the mould production, all the activities of metal working (metal cutting, deep-drasing and metal welding, laser cut, also in 3D), possible surface tratments and final assemblage, producing finished products ready for distribution.

Minifaber offers a service much beyond the metal working itself: a 360° service, that lets every client entrust to a strengthened and expert business to design and realize cold sheet metal wrought components, commissioning the entire productive process with the certainty to receive quality products.

Contact Minifaber and discover in person its structure, its experties and its added value.