Sheet metal working for the vending industry

The vending industry is one of the fields in which sheet metal working results more difficult and complex, due to the many technical difficulties that the construction of vending machines presents. In this field, sheet metal working requires high standards of design and functionality.

Minifaber boasts historical skills in sheet metal working for many industrial and productive fields, including the vending industry, with top quality results that testify the excellence of the finished and semi-finished products realized. This field sums up all the ability of the company in facing complex challenges, in which the integration between different competences and the ability to care about the even smallest detail are necessary.

What are the greatest challenges in sheet metal working for the vending industry?

In the sheet metal working for the vending industry the main challenges can be summed up in three points: aesthetical needs, diversification, high precision.

  • High aesthetical standards: sheet metal working for the vending industry aims at the production of the internal components and the external shell of vending machines. In the production of the external shell, it is clear that the aesthetic requirements are high: sheet metal working should result in an extremely levelled surface, pleasant to see, often mirror polished.
  • Diversification of the process: a second challenge in the work is the need to perform different kinds of sheet metal working processes. For the vending industry, in particular, it is necessary to proceed to the blanking, bending and welding on the same product, a combination of different competences and machines that not all the suppliers can guarantee. In Minifaber, these three processes are just some of the many services of sheet metal working offered on the market.
  • High precision: the production of the internal components for vending machines requires extremely precise processes, capable of creating the thinnest finished products, realized with the greatest respect for technical drawings. Minifaber is capable of carrying out top quality workings, pairing the excellence of its machinery with the decades-long experience in the field of sheet metal working.

Besides solutions for the vending industry, Minifaber also produces finished or semi-finished products for other industries: electromechanics, medical, kitchen robots and home appliances, professional lighting and gas distribution. A comprehensive service for all productive needs.


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