Sheet metal stamping: the right mould for every need

Minifaber has been performing sheet metal stamping for over fifty years, with a never-ending innovation process that brought the company to become, over time, one of the most important players in the field, on a national and international level, with Italian and foreign customers.


The moulds used by Minifaber in sheet metal stamping are entirely designed and created inside the company: the aim is to guarantee the best adherence to the specific needs of the customer, allowing a high standard of customization of the product and realizing the best mould to create it.

Beside customization, flexibility: Minifaber carries out sheet metal stamping for many industries, through different processes, in order to answer all the requests coming from the market. For each process, it is necessary to employ a different kind of mould, capable of giving the best result.

Deep-drawing moulds

Deep-drawing is one of the most requested processes in the field of sheet metal stamping, being the only way to create cylindrical, hollow and cup-shaped products, used in many different fields. Deep-drawing moulds work thanks to the pressure of a stamp on the metal sheet, which is warped up to adhere to the shape of the matrix below. In some cases, a blank-holder is used to secure the metal, as to give the maximum standard of precision to the job.

Shooting moulds

This kind of mould is perfect to perform sheet metal stamping on small quantities of metal, particularly for the creation of components with a high level of complexity.

Transfer moulds

Transfer moulds are the best solution for sheet metal working that requires different processes performed by a single machine. The metal to be processed is moved from a mould to the other by means of a built-in transport component, called transfer. Transfer moulds are versatile and flexible moulds that give a high level of freedom to the job.

Progressive moulds

Progressive moulds distinguish from transfer moulds for performing one single operation, massively repeated. Therefore, they are perfect for the precise and fast processing of great quantities of product.


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