Sheet metal stamping: all the services offered by Minifaber

Cold sheet metal working includes a long series of services that, through cutting edge machinery, let warp metals with no need to bring them to high temperatures, without melting and remolding them. Thanks to the innovative machinery, Minifaber places among the most renowned European companies in the field of sheet metal stamping, with services extending from laser cutting to bending, to the creation of complex products ready for distribution. Here is a brief excursus of the services offered and the machines employed in each of them:


Sheet metal blanking

The term blanking describes the sheet metal cutting provided by mechanical presses and moulds. Minifaber personally takes care of the creation of moulds, offering a high quality service in every detail in order to be fast and precise. In the sheet metal blanking department, Minifaber employs 17 mechanical presses with a payload varying from 20 to 800 tonnes with flat dimensions up to 3500 mm.

Sheet metal deep-drawing

Sheet metal deep-drawing is a special process of sheet metal warping to obtain cylinders and spherical caps starting from sheet metal layers. Also in this case, the moulds used in the process are created inside the company, while the deep-drawing department is equipped with 6 Hydraulic presses with a payload of 20-400 tonnes and flat dimensions up to 1600 mm.

Sheet metal bending

With sheet metal bending is meant the flat processing of metal layers, performed in Minifaber through 7 bending machines with 7-axis control, capable of working on sheets up to 2500 mm of length. In addition, the process employs a robotic bending cell with a blade length up to 3100 mm. All the bending machines will be renewed starting from November 2016. It will also be installed an innovative bending centre.

Sheet metal punching

Unlike sheet metal blanking, sheet metal punching lets engrave the surface of flat metal layers without using specific moulds. In the branch of Minifaber in Seriate – BG – this operation is realized with 4 combined punching machines to treat sheet metal layers with a size of 1250*2500 mm and a depth up to 6mm. Every product is then cleaned and refined through a deburring/Satin finishing machine, in order to offer top quality details with a high value.

Laser cutting

To complete the range of the services offered, Minifaber also realizes sheet metal laser cutting operations, through specific machines that – thanks to the power of the laser employed – let obtain particular metallic details with clean and precise cuts, perfectly matching the specifications of technical drawings.

Sheet metal welding

With the aim to offer to the clients finished and assembled products, ready for distribution, Minifaber not only performs sheet metal bending, deep-drawing, laser cutting and blanking, but also carries out laser welding, TIG and MIG automatic bending, as well as resistance and projection welding through 38 welding machines.


It is through such a wide offer and such a consistent machinery that Minifaber became the partner of renowned European companies as far as sheet metal stamping is concerned.


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