8 - testata - Stampi lamiera 3 tipologie realizzate da Minifaber

Sheet metal moulding: 3 types of moulds we produce

For over 50 years Minifaber has been assisting Italian and foreign companies in metal cold stamping, producing moulds in-house for every production process to meet the application and production needs of the single finished products. Find out exactly which sheet metal moulds are produced at its Seriate facilities.

Shooting moulds

Shooting moulds are sheet metal moulds ideal for the production of small amounts and/or particularly complex products. They are especially used in prototyping phases to conduct technical tests before mass component production. Furthermore, they are often single operation moulds, meaning sheet metal moulds where the operator must place the sheet and remove the part once formed.

Progressive or step moulds

Unlike shooting moulds, progressive or step moulds are used for large quantity mass production. These special sheet metal moulds allow for processes with several steps without having to change the mould and offer excellent results from the quality standpoint while optimising production time and costs.

Transfer moulds

Transfer moulds are also sheet metal moulds used for progressive processes but, unlike progressive moulds, optimise costs since they can process sheet metal with minimum margins and reduce material waste. Furthermore, they offer greater processing and variation freedom since components can be removed from the process conveyor for complex operations.

We produce metal moulds for any process

Extensive experience in the metal cold stamping sector has allowed Minifaber to acquire the know-how required to for the sheet metal moulding in any process such as deep-drawing metal moulds used to produce hollow box, cylinder or circular shaped components, but also blanking, bending, drawing and coining metal moulds.

Metal moulds produced by Minifaber are synonyms for efficiency and quality over time. Furthermore they are UNI EN ISO 9 001:2008 certified to guarantee quality sheet metal moulds, suited to meet the various production needs of any customer.


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