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Sheet metal forming: all the services you partner should provide

Discover which processes a company specialised in metal cold moulding offers and rely on a professional to manufacture your sheet metal products.

Every day, many companies work in sheet metal forming. However, some of these do not offer all the processes necessary to manufacture complex and quality products. Consequently, you have to contact several suppliers to receive complete services that include design, cutting, welding, surface processing and assembly. Here is a brief digression on the cold processes that your partner should offer to guarantee a complete job without wasting time.


The preliminary phase of every metal cold process, design, puts your ideas on paper, conducts a feasibility study and lets you focus on the weaknesses and strengths of your design. If yoursheet metal processing partner also has an in-house design department you can speed up the prototype phases and create your inspirations in the blink of an eye.

Mould production

Another key service, mould production, lets you save time between prototyping and mass production because the moulds are directly produced by the designer who will fix any technical problems in real-time and speed up final mould production to bring your product to life.

Cutting department

The cutting department is the soul of sheet metal forming. Sheet metal can be cut with laser systems, plasma systems, shears, latest generation perforation and punching machines, but it is a process that your partner must offer to assist you in sheet metal forming.

Bending department

Even the bending department is a must when evaluating suppliers for sheet metal forming. This process can be performed with manual benders but it is always best to rely on companies that have their own robotised bending machine pool. In fact, only robotics guarantees the maximum precision and minimum tolerance in each bend.

Welding department

Make sure your partner offers various types of welding based on the type of product to be manufactured and you will be ensured that the company is truly an expert in sheet metal forming.

MIG welding, TIG welding, robotised welding, resistance welding and projection welding: Minifaber is able to perform different types of welds based on the product to be manufactured, always optimising time, cost and work performance.

Surface processes

Although this is an accessory process that many companies operating in the sheet metal forming sector do not offer in-house, surface processing is the cherry on the cake that transforms a common company into a reliable partner. Make sure you rely on a company that also provides the surface processing you need and you'll save precious production time.


To top it off, your sheet metal forming partner should also assemble your parts and provide you with complex and assembled products, ready to be marketed and/or mounted on more articulated components.

Are you looking for a partner that offers all the sheet metal forming processes you need?

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