7 - testata - Stampaggio lamiera a freddo e robotica per velocizzare le operazioni

Sheet metal cold stamping and robotics to speed up work

Minifaber is always at the forefront of innovation. This is why it included robotics in its production departments to save time and resources but first and foremost to provide increasingly more accurate and systematic sheet metal cold stamping processes to any company that decides to employ it to produce its components. Specifically, robotised systems used by Minifaber to optimise work are:

Within our production departments, we have added robotic systems that allow us to save time and resources, but above all to offer a sheet metal stamping service more and more precise and systematic to all the companies that decide to entrust us.

Specifically, the robotic systems we use to optimize our work are:

  • Bending robot
  • Welding robot
  • Storage robot 

Sheet metal bending robots

Robots are used in the bending department which can correctly place sheet metal in the presses to assist the bending process. These are systems that combine anthropomorphic robots and a bending press and that allow large sized sheet metal to be handled and processed, reduce the physical force required of operators. With sheet metal bending robots, in fact, human intervention is still necessary to start the production process via software, but the entire process is automated, significantly reducing the margin of error.

Welding robot

As for welding processes, Minifaber has robotised MIG and TIG systems, specifically an anthropomorphic robot that drives a welding torch connected to a Tig or Mig/Mag source. As with other robotic systems, human intervention in welding systems is reduced to a bare minimum and thus the obtained results are more accurate and safe. Furthermore, if combined with the use of turntables to handle material, the production process become extremely faster. 

Minifaber uses robotic systems for both single processes and to complete coupled processes to create complex, finished and assembled products. An example of the use of robots to make work more efficient is Mixtopf production, a kitchen robot mouth. Thanks to robotics, the various Mixtopf production phases are meticulously monitored to ensure the utmost precision in each work phase, guaranteeing a perfect product from every standpoint to the customer.

Sheet metal storage robot

Robotic systems are used in the bending and punching departments to store sheet metal and check stock inventory. Thanks to a vertical sheet metal storage warehouse directly connected to the combined laser/punching sheet metal cutting machines, stock quantities can be monitored, evaluating and restock needs to ensure that the material required for daily work is available and optimise production time to promptly fill any order.


You too can achieve faster and more accurate sheet metal cold stamping processes. Call Minifaber and take advantage of its robotised systems.