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Punching, bending and welding sheet metal for complex and assembled products

Metal bending, punching, welding are processes that, combined within the production process, can create complex and assembled products. Here's a few examples.

As mentioned earlier in another post on sheet metal forming, a company should offer several combined processes to reduce the time between one production phase and the next and not force customers to seek several suppliers to produce their designs. Among the processes offered by Minifaber, metal bending, punching and welding are the three processes that, above all, are often offered one after the other with the aim to produce complete and assembled product, ready to be marketed. Here's a few examples:


Vending machines

In vending machines, metal bending, punching and welding are included in a broader project in which Minifaber provides the design, mould production as well as surface processing and assembly of the various components, to create a product ready to use from every standpoint.


Medical steriliser

Metal bending, punching and welding are the three key processes also used to produce a steriliser for medical sector components, able to sterilise through a pressurised steam process. This product was manufactured for both the European market and in an 11 inch version for the American market.


Latest generation projectors

For Clay Packy, professional light system manufacturer, metal bending, punching and welding combined with the design, assembly and surface processing phase, have led to a high added value lighting projector, even used to light the 2012 Olympic games in London.


Kitchen robots

To create the mix pot of a known kitchen machine, Minifaber is in charge of punching the sheet metal, drawing and welding as well as functional tests to thus provide a complex and assembled product, ready to be marketed.


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