Metal cold moulding: sterilisers for the medical sector

Discover which metal cold moulding processes are used to make sterilisers for the medical sector and rely on a professional to create your medical products.

In the medical sector, metal cold moulding is key to creating products that can and must guarantee high hygiene standards. Each process must be run with care, from the initial design phases where nothing can be left to chance, to surface processing, employed to increase component hardness but, above all, to improve performance in terms of oxidation and rust resistance.

Thanks to its extensive experience in the metal cold moulding field, Minifaber is also recognised in the medical sector as a reliable partner in the construction of finished, complete and assembled products such as, for example sterilisers for dental equipment. These are the processing phases that lead to the production of a steriliser for the European and American markets in association with W&H, an orthodontic and oral surgery component distributor.


In association with the W&H Research and Development department, a steriliser was designed studying every single aspect and choosing the best material to guarantee the hygiene standards required by the sector. Specifically, we decided to produce a steriliser made of 2.5 mm AISI 304 stainless steel, a resistant material able to adapt to the high temperatures to which the main steriliser structure is subject.

Metal cold moulding

Following the initial prototype phases, the steriliser was mass produced with an annual quantity of 2,000 pieces. The main metal cold moulding processes implied in production were the deep drawing of the central body and welding of the various components, as well as their assembly.

Surface processes

The steriliser was then subject to an electro-polishing process to remove any process residue and make the surface smoother and aesthetically more elegant.

Variant design and production

Once the steriliser was produced, a variant was designed for the American market with 280 mm x 480 mm diameter. Following the same metal cold moulding processes, this second steriliser was produced and only distributed overseas.

If you too are looking for a partner to produce your complex products, rely on Minifaber.

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