6 - testata - Tranciatura metalli quali materiali può lavorare Minifaber

Metal blanking: which metals can Minifaber process?

Metal cold stamping includes different sheet metal workings including metal blanking, a process that Minifaber has been offering to its customers for over 50 years, continuing to invest in technical skills and technologies for increasingly more accurate and fast blanking on different material sheets.

What materials can be blanked?

Every type of sheet metal can be blanked to create components by separation using punches and moulds. Potentially, the machinery used for metal blanking allows any type of sheet metal to be processed but, thanks to its experience, Minifaber assists the customer in the design phase to jointly evaluate the best sheet metal for the desired results.

Currently, Minifaber provides metal blanking processes on the main sheet metals required by the market, specifically

·        Carbon steel blanking

Carbon steel blanking includes carbon iron includes cold stamping with or without a protective lining such as galvanisation.

·        Stainless steel blanking

Stainless steel blanking is a process required to create components specifically intended for the food industry such as ice cream containers or pots and pans.

·        Aluminum blanking

Aluminum blanking create lightweight components used in various fields of application, from electronics to automobiles including protective frames, furnishing components or kitchen utensils.

·        Copper blanking

Blanked copper components are especially used in the electromechanical sector and are constructed by blanking traditional copper alloys and cupronickel, brass and bronze blanking.

·        Special alloy blanking

In addition to iron, stainless steel, aluminum and copper blanking, Minifaber also blanks special alloys meaning materials whose physical and mechanical properties provide high performance in terms of rust resistance, processing ease, electric conductivity, etc., thus meeting application needs in a constantly evolving market.


If you too need a metal blanking service for both traditional metals and special alloys, contact Minifaber and discover its process quality!