Cold metal stamping: all the quality of the service by Minifaber

Are you looking for a reliable and professional service of cold metal stamping? Welcome on Minifaber’s website, a company from Bergamo that, for more than fifty years, has been specialized in cold metal stamping and in the creation of top quality finished or semi-finished products.

Many are the national and international customers that, every year, entrust themselves to Minifaber’s experience, showing with their satisfaction the high quality standard of our service of cold metal stamping. On this page, we present the features that made our services appreciated all over the world.


Diversification of the service

Minifaber carries out a complete and comprehensive service of cold metal stamping, performing all the most important processes that are today available in cold metalworking. Among our services, we recall blanking, deep-drawing, sheet metal bending, stamping and sheet metal laser cutting, beside surface treatments and metal components assembly.

Customization of the service

The wide diversification makes possible to obtain a highly customizable service as far as cold metal stamping is concerned. The company follows the customer since the design phase, analyzing its needs and proposing the best specific solution to meet them. Thanks to this quality, Minifaber can perform today a service of cold metal stamping for many different industries: from the medical field to the electromechanical one, from the vending industry to gas distribution, from professional lighting to the industry of home appliances and kitchen robots.

Processing of small quantities

In Minifaber, the productive and operational flexibility makes possible to process even small quantities of metal, meeting the needs of both small and big customers. Many small businesses have already chosen our service of cold metal stamping, relying on excellent results even on small quantities of finished product.

Internal processing

All the steps of cold metal stamping are performed entirely inside the company, a solution that results inevitably in a superior quality of the output products. From the design and production of moulds for the process, to the cold metal stamping itself, Minifaber performs the entire process in-house.

Cutting edge machinery

Its innovative machinery, constantly updated by significant investments, represents one of the many secrets of the high standards of Minifaber’s production. The latest entry is a new 3D laser machine, capable of providing samplings and small series, a technological jewel that adds to the already rich equipment of the company, contributing to the excellence of our services of cold metal stamping.


Contact our Technical Office calling the number +39 035 42 37 211 and discover the quality of the finished products realized by Minifaber!