From mould construction to sheet metal forming, Minifaber guarantees the best results in the metal forming industry.

anteprima - Saldatura robotizzata

Robotic welding: the best choice for mass...

In the world of sheet metal processing, robotic welding has proved to be the best solution for mass production since it offers advantages that traditional welding can't guarantee. These are the 3 reasons why Minifaber uses robotic welding in mass production:

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anteprima - Taglio laser piegatura

Laser cutting and bending: how do they af...

In the sheet metal cold moulding industry, each process affects the next and, to achieve excellent results in terms of quality and precision, each production process phase must be professionally completed. Cutting and bending, specifically, are closely correlated processes which, to result in high performance products, must be carefully performed. This is how Minifaber was able to reduce its margin of error and optimise production schedules.

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anteprima - Saldatura

Mig welding and safety: how to avoid unpl...

Mig as well as tig and laser welding are essential processes in sheet metal cold moulding. Once laser cut and bent, many components are welded together to create complex parts, ready to be introduced on the market. If, on the one hand, welding is thus essential, on the other, it is a very delicate and dangerous process that can cause work accidents. Here are the solutions adopted by Minifaber to provide accurate but above all safe welding!

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anteprima - Produzione componenti metallici

Metallic component production: the import...

Looks matter even in metallic component production. For this reason, Minifaber has adopted a cleaning system that removes processing scraps and oil residue from newly moulded parts. However, the benefits of cleaning are not only aesthetic and represent true added value for moulded parts. Here's why.

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Anteprima - La co-progettazione nella lavorazione della lamiera fa risparmiare tempo e risorse

Co-designing when working sheet metal sav...

In addition to offering cold working of sheet metal for third parties, Minifaber also has an in-house technical department that follows its own clients through the delicate design phase, together evaluating the most suitable materials...

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