The incomparable precision of the steel laser cutting

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There are many advantages of steel laser cutting: better cutting quality and precision, above all, but not only. We explain to you why steel laser cutting is a convenient process and all the details of our laser cutting service.

Steel laser cutting, compared to traditional cutting, is advantageous from different points of view. This is why, at Minifaber, an entire department is in charge of the sheet metal laser cutting service: thanks to 4 numerically controlled machines (combined punching machines) we can cut sheets up to 1250x2500 mm.

The cuts are clear, precise, just like the sectors that sell high quality products require: electromechanical, medical, home appliances or lighting.

But let's take a look at all the benefits of steel laser cutting one by one.


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The advantages of steel laser cutting

The benefits that laser cutting brings to the final result of steel processing concern the quality of the product obtained, its completeness, the versatility of the process and the environmental impact.


The quality of the cut is better because there is no contact between the machine and the steel sheet. As a result, the cuts are clean, clean, without burrs and the edges are perfectly regular.


The accuracy is greater, thanks to the very small diameter laser. This means that the laser power is concentrated on a very small area, which makes it extremely effective.


Cutting the steel with the laser, no further finishing treatments of the piece are necessary, because the result is already excellent.


Laser cutting does not only apply to steel: the range of metals that can be treated with the laser also includes non-conductive metals.


Finally, the process of laser cutting of steel does not release waste, so it is also positive from the point of view of environmental sustainability.


Our steel laser cutting service

At Minifaber we laser cut all the most common metals, including steel. Our steel laser cutting service is very flexible: we make both semi-finished and finished and assembled products; not only that, we work on small and large quantities, even staggered in progressive steps.

Steel laser cutting can be a completed process, in its own right, or be part of a more complex process (cutting, bending, etc.). Depending on your needs, our team of designers will be able to offer you the most suitable solution.

Our numeric control machines can process sheets up to 6 mm thick and exploit laser power up to 3.2 kW. In addition, they use punches and dies with standard or special shapes, depending on the final design you wish to obtain.


Want to learn more about our steel laser cutting service? Contact us: we will provide you with more information. Contact us!
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