The essential machine fleet for laser cutting companies

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In designing and constructing metal moulds and finished products, Minifaber can rely on a multi-purpose and multi-specialised machine fleet, the strategic core and crowning glory of its business.

To process metal, laser cutting companies need a technological and innovative machine fleet. According to the type of process - metal drawing, bending, welding and blanking, for example - a certain machine will be required. Among all those available, which are essential for a laser cutting company?


Punches for laser cutting companies


A must for all laser cutting companies is a punch: a machine that permits various metal processes with the use of a mould, at the bottom, and a punch, at the top; applying pressure from above, the punch shapes the metal as required.

The punch allows various processes to be completed, including incision, extrusion and threading and Minifaber has many in its machine fleet, suited for every type of specific process. Always up to date and maintained with meticulous care, Minifaber punches are able to guarantee maximum precision and quality.


To learn more about our machine fleet and how we work as a laser cutting company, contact us! Contact us!


Deburring machines for laser cutting companies 


A second machine that must be included in the machine fleet of any laser cutting company worth its salt is a deburring machine.

While a punch cuts the metal, a deburring machine eliminates “burrs”, excess metal residue, left on the cut edges, so that the final product is sharply cut.


The Minifaber machine fleet excellence

In addition to these two extremely important machines, Minifaber has a rich and diversified machine fleet, in which it invests approximately 2.5 million Euro per year. A significant investment that proves Minifaber's focus on technological excellence and human resource training.

It's no coincidence that Minifaber has the reputation of being one of the most efficient laser cutting companies from the production solution standpoint.

Driven by its pursuit for continuous updates and being able to count on years of experience and consolidated skills, it boasts numerous certifications that prove it meets the international quality and safety standards adopted by the company in production processes.

Even safety is a daily commitment for Minifaber and that's why it works with SIKURO Scarl so that precautions required to prevent occupational hazards are adopted in all corporate areas.


To learn more about our machine fleet and how we work as a laser cutting company, contact us! Contact us!
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