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Minifaber aluminum laser cutting machine:...

Aluminum laser cutting is one of the most popular processes both for the physical and mechanical qualities of the metal in question, and for the precision, versatility and cutting speed, which allows for the creation of prototypes and production pieces. Learn more about Minifaber aluminum laser cutting machine technology and our services in this article.

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Metal laser cutting: different lasers for...

Minifaber, thanks to its state-of-the-art machinery and the experience accumulated over years of activity, is specialized in laser cutting metals of all kinds: iron, steel, aluminum and copper. For each of these, laser cutting, thanks to its properties, guarantees extremely clean and precise cuts.

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The essential machine fleet for laser cut...

In designing and constructing metal moulds and finished products, Minifaber can rely on a multi-purpose and multi-specialised machine fleet, the strategic core and crowning glory of its business.

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The incomparable precision of the steel l...

There are many advantages of steel laser cutting: better cutting quality and precision, above all, but not only. We explain to you why steel laser cutting is a convenient process and all the details of our laser cutting service.

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Laser cutting and bending: how do they af...

In the sheet metal cold moulding industry, each process affects the next and, to achieve excellent results in terms of quality and precision, each production process phase must be professionally completed. Cutting and bending, specifically, are closely correlated processes which, to result in high performance products, must be carefully performed. This is how Minifaber was able to reduce its margin of error and optimise production schedules.

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TRUMPF Taglio Laser 3D - Frontale

Laser sheet metal cutting: the technology...

The laser sheet metal cutting system TruLaser Cell Series 7.000 grants excellent performances as far as quality, speed and precision are concerned. That is why Minifaber added it to its machinery

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