Minifaber Main Partner del TEDxBergamo 2022

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Minifaber participated as Main Partner in the TEDxBergamo 7th edition, which was held on September 25.

The main theme of the edition was “oxygen”: how is this word declined by a leading international company in the field of sheet metal processing? What is the vision of the future in Minifaber? 


"O" as Oxygen

"We breathe 17,000 times a day. Life begins and ends with a breath." Thus opens the 7th edition of TEDxBergamo, an important stage for Bergamo companies that involved more than 50 speakers and 100 partners. The seventh edition focused on the word Oxygen, which each participant was able to give its own definition. Also, the letter "O" is understood as a holistic circle that pushes the circulation of ideas and makes the energies explode, or as the point of origin of the sound, that expands and amplifies in a concentric and rhythmic movement that bounces from one body to another, in a continuous exchange of melodic signals.


What does Oxygen mean for Minifaber?

"Oxygen is the desire to continue learning, to grow and grow our people. Appreciate what change is, and make the best of it, always. - explained Angela Melocchi, HR Manager at Minifaber - Oxygen is also giving the opportunity to each of us, and those who will come after, to live in a fantasy world". 

These words blend well with the values and choices of Minifaber, always attentive to the welfare of employees and the protection of the environment. For these reasons, Minifaber has decided to reinvest its profits year by year to innovate the locations, the fleet, research. The ultimate goal is to make the company a healthy place for employees and create relationships based on trust and quality with customers. 

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"Oxygen is the ability to appreciate change and always get the best out of it. Oxygen is the possibility that all together, every day, we give ourselves to ensure a tomorrow to us and to those who will come after us. - continues Melocchi - We decided to become part of TEDxBergamo because it is important for us to open up to the territory and give the opportunity to circulate information and training on topics that are not dealt with in the company every day. Our mission ends in wanting to be bearers of well-being understood as the enhancement of the person, the working environment and the territory, ensuring our being in time", she concludes. 

The day of September 25 was therefore an important place for exchange of ideas and comparison with other companies in the area, as well as a way to make known the excellence of Minifaber in Italy and in the world. 



The commitment and growth of Minifaber

Meanwhile, Minifaber continues its growth, despite the difficult international situation, with a +15% year on year. The profits generated are reinvested within the company, creating a virtuous circle that leads to greater solidity, in the short and medium-long term. Minifaber is constantly expanding its range of services and products, machinery renewal and resources invested in research and innovation.

Among the next introductions there will be two latest generation combined punching/laser machines that will be installed in January 2023 and March, the month in which the company plans to complete the renewal of the fleet of light carpentry machines. In addition, an entire production department was created entirely dedicated to production for an important customer. 

The investments are also dedicated to the people who are part of the company. In this sense, the staff of the supply chain, purchasing, quality, production programming and controllers departments have been completed, and a new resource has been added to the R&D department, expanding the potential and expanding the prospects of Minifaber. All employees can also benefit from professional figures such as physiotherapist, psychologist and nutritionist, for personal well-being as well as work. 

Eventually, Minifaber has also expanded the space of its headquarters in Seriate, with a new warehouse of 2,500sqm, while a new production area, of 2,800sqm, is currently under renovation.

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