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Aluminum laser cutting is one of the most popular processes both for the physical and mechanical qualities of the metal in question, and for the precision, versatility and cutting speed, which allows for the creation of prototypes and production pieces. Learn more about Minifaber aluminum laser cutting machine technology and our services in this article.

Aluminum has physical and mechanical qualities that make it the ideal choice for many applications: it is ductile, light and resistant (even to oxidation), recyclable, easy to work with, and it is also an excellent electrical and heat conductor.

At the same time, the precision and versatility of laser cutting make it possible to obtain extremely accurate and smooth edges, and to quickly cut out shapes that would require very expensive operations and equipment without lasers.

It is not surprising, then, that the combination of these two factors - the qualities of aluminum and the efficiency of the laser - make aluminum laser cutting an extremely popular process on the market.


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Minfaber’s take on aluminum laser cutting

Nothing is left to chance in Minifaber: aluminum laser cutting is initially tackled by the Engineering department, which comes into play to develop the design together with the customer, attentive to real needs.

Only later do we move on to actually laser cutting the aluminum, feeding the sheet into our CNC machines whose technology guarantees excellent precision and success.


Technological aluminum laser cutting machines

Minifaber uses technologically advanced machinery, that is, two combined laser punching machines and a 3D laser cutting and welding machine, to laser cut aluminum.

More specifically:

  • The combined punching machines are equipped with CO2 laser, i.e. laser transported by means of a gas mixture, also excellent for cutting aluminum sheets up to 3/16 – ¼ inch thick.
  • The 3D laser cutting machine is equipped with a fiber laser, the latest laser technologies, which allows you to cut three-dimensional pieces previously subjected to molding, bending, deep drawing and hydroforming processes.


CO2 or fiber laser cutting? Here are all the advantages

In general, whether CO2 or fiber, laser cutting guarantees a degree of precision so high that it excludes further types of processes on aluminum, because the finish level is optimal.

In addition, thanks to its machinery, Minifaber combines the specific advantages of each aluminum laser cutting machine technology:

  • CO2 laser cutting ensures the highest quality of the cut edge and the absence of cutting burrs
  • Fiber laser cutting, ideal for three-dimensional applications, is fast, can also cut thin sheets and can also be used for welding.


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