Metallic component production: the importance of cleaning phases

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Looks matter even in metallic component production. For this reason, Minifaber has adopted a cleaning system that removes processing scraps and oil residue from newly moulded parts. However, the benefits of cleaning are not only aesthetic and represent true added value for moulded parts. Here's why.


Part cleaning improves performance in the assembly phase

Oil and grease residue on metallic components not only makes them less pleasing to the eye, but represents an obstacle during assembly since dirty parts slip, create poor friction and make assembly slower and more difficult. Choosing to clean parts is also required for mechanical reasons since, after cleaning, the single parts offer higher yield and are ready to create complex products.


To produce metallic components for the food industry, cleaning = hygiene

Minifaber produces metallic components intended for the food industry such as containers and trays that will hold food, or solutions intended for sterilisation chambers. In this case, attentive part cleaning ensures that the end customer is supplied with cleaner and more hygienic components, increasing the value of the product and service rendered.

Adequate cleaning for each type of sheet metal processed

Minifaber’s focus on the metallic component cleaning process has led to the not just one generic system but 4 different cleaning systems specific to the different materials processed and, precisely:

  • an acid cleaning system for stainless steel parts
  • an alkaline cleaning system for ferrous alloys
  • a neutral or slightly alkaline system for light alloys or galvanised steel
  • an ultrasound cleaning system that exploits the controlled cavitation process for deep cleaning


What are you waiting for? Call Minifaber to produce your metallic components and check the quality of the parts cleaned after moulding with your own eyes. Contact us!
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