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Minifaber is a company specialized in laser cutting of various types of metal, from ferrous materials to stainless steel and copper and its alloys. Each step of the process is studied in the design phase by the technical department, while only in a later stage we proceed to the actual cutting of the metal. In this article we will deepen:

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The two types of metal laser cutting

Minifaber operates metal laser cutting using two specific methodologies depending on the source and transport of the laser beam: CO2 laser cutting and fiber laser cutting. Let's look at them specifically. 

  • CO2 laser cutting: this consists of a laser beam transported by a gaseous mixture. This type has the advantage of guaranteeing excellent cutting quality thanks to its precision for all materials except copper and its alloys.
  • Fiber laser cutting: this method of metal laser cutting is the most technologically advanced. It allows you to cut all metals including copper and its alloys. The performance is higher than CO2 laser and it can also be used in 3D cutting and welding.

Depending on the customer's needs and the metal to be cut, Minifaber chooses the most appropriate laser cutting method to achieve the desired result.

Metal laser cutting: processed materials

Minifaber is able to cut any type of metal according to the specific needs of the customer thanks to a technologically advanced fleet of machines that includes 2 combined laser punching machines capable of laser cutting metals and sheets up to 1250x2500 and a double station 3D laser cutting and welding cell. Below are the types of metal on which we perform laser cutting. 

Laser cutting of ferrous materials

Laser cutting of iron, one of the most widely used materials in industry, guarantees a clean, precise cut with no irregularities. The use of nitrogen gas improves its cutting quality, the use of oxygen improves its economic performance.

Stainless steel laser cutting

Stainless steel is widely used in the food, medical and chemical industry because it guarantees resistance, cleaning and hygiene. Minifaber, among its metal laser cutting processes, also carries out the one on stainless steel.

Aluminum alloy laser cutting

Aluminum is perhaps the most malleable and easily processed material among those subjected to laser cutting. It is light, and resistant to oxidation, alloying greatly increases its resistance, it is a good conductor of electricity and heat qualities that make it very popular in various fields: both in the electromechanical, lighting and automotive sectors, but it is also very popular in the furniture and kitchen products.

Laser cutting of copper and its alloys

At Minifaber we also deal with the copper laser cutting, which is in great demand in the electromechanical field, but also of brass and other copper alloys. In addition to these, there are also special alloys, i.e. all those alloys that are distinguished by their composition and properties. 

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The advantages of metal laser cutting

The advantages of metal laser cutting are mainly found in the speed, precision, quality of the cut obtained and in the relatively low cost of processing. Both in the design and production phase there are unquestionable savings in terms of costs and time. In fact, it is possible to work with a great variability of thicknesses and materials and to cut geometries accurate to the millimeter on flat metal sheets, but also on already bent or drawn sheets. In this case it is necessary to design a production cycle that foresees the use of such surfaces that will then be joined or welded together. 

In addition, thanks to the high precision of metal laser cutting, prototypes and small runs can be made at a very low cost.

Are you looking for a state-of-the-art metal laser cutting service, even on small quantities? Contact us!
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