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Be glocal is one the key points in Minifaber's philosophy which from its headquarters in Seriate, near Bergamo, always looks towards the innovations towards the world of cold sheet metal transformation. This focus and curiosity for new technologies has led to the creation of a constantly evolving machine pool where the addition of new tools is not only required by the need to increase production capacity, but corresponds to an improvement in quality, processing time and performance of each service. An example? Laser welding machines!

The advantages of laser welding sheet metal

Especially for mass production, laser welding can:

  • Weld components quicker than traditional welding
  • Speed up material recovery times after processing
  • Obtain more accurate and linear welds, without burrs and filler material residue
  • Significantly reduce the margin of error and, consequently, scraps
  • Guarantee greater workplace safety, since workers are not in direct contact with the processing beam

A human component in laser welding

Laser welding is performed with automatic machinery where the human component is not required for the actual welding process but essential in machine settings. Out of the 28 workers currently employed in the welding department, 2 of them have specific training on welding robot use and are able to manage the entire process with care and precision.

Adding latest generation laser welders to its machine pool, Minifaber was able to further increase the overall quality of processed pieces, meet production deadlines due to the almost full lack of delays due to processing errors and improve department workers' work conditions, another aspect that the company focuses on and that, along with production glocalisation, is one of the traits that has made Minifaber a point of reference for the world metal cold processing market.


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